Core Features of HUGS

Super easy and accessible

Becoming a HUGS merchant will increase your revenue but not your work load. It’s our job to handle every last logistic while you watch your sales increase. Enjoy a unique and expanded presence in the Colgate community.

  • Exclusive access to over 35,000 alumni and parents

  • Sell individual products and gift cards

  • Sell monthly gift package subscriptions  

  • We pay in advance

  • We handle shipping and delivery

  • We manage customer support

  • No monetary commitment

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The Hamilton United Gift Shop

Who We Are & What We Do

The Approach

The Current Problems

  1. The massive Colgate alumni network live all across the united states and miss the Hamilton establishments that touched their lives, but they have no way of purchasing the goods that trigger nostalgia – unless of course they come back to visit.

  2. Although students are on a strict budget, the majority of their parents are not, and want to connect with their kids. Organizing packages is time consuming, sending money carries the fear that you are supporting undesirable behavior, and sending gift certificates seems impersonal.



The HUGS Solutions

HUGS provides an easy to use website that displays the best goods the Hamilton community has to offer in either curated or customized gift packages. With your cooperation we will market and sell your best goods/ services alongside complementary goods/ services from other Hamilton retailers within specialty designed care packages.  The Hamilton United Gift Shop handles all of the marketing and delivery logistics.

After years of feedback from alumni and parents, it is evident that there is a huge demand for Hamilton produced goods. The HUGS team, as well as our customers, all want to keep Hamilton vibrant and prosperous. HUGS not only stands as a new outlet for sales but also as a tremendous marketing opportunity. The care packages will be marketed at alumni gatherings all across the United States, student events, and various Colgate and Hamilton engagements.

HUGS, Hamilton United Gift Shop, is an online store designed to help local Hamilton shops market their merchandise to Colgate parents and alumni beyond those who come to town. This website provides curated and custom gift packages that help local merchants expand their market to the larger Hamilton community. Over 30,000 alumni and some 5,000 parents are part of the Hamilton community, but relatively few come to town and visit. HUGS is the vehicle that will help them connect with each other through gifts from local Hamilton businesses.

To help Hamilton merchants expand their market to consumers by helping alumni reignite memories of their days as students by purchasing local merchandise/gift packages; to capitalize on the nostalgia of Colgate alumni who want to gift Hamilton-related merchandise to each other and parents who want to send their students

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